The Thoughtful Decision-Making Process Behind DAY6’s Dowoon Military Enlistment Reveals His True Character

Wishing Dowoon the best as he serves!

Our fellow MyDays, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but DAY6’s maknae Dowoon has officially announced that he will be enlisting in the military.

DAY6’s Dowoon | JYP Entertainment

Dowoon and fellow DAY6 member Wonpil held a live broadcast on December 28. During this time, the drummer shared news regarding mandatory military service.

Today is my last scheduled activity … So, I’m going to enlist as member of military band on January 17.

— Dowoon

He will be enlisting come new year after giving a lot of thought to his decision. He is always considerate of how actions will affect those close to him.

Since this might be a sensitive topic, I worried over how I should tell you and convey this news. I thought a lot about ‘How should I tell this?,’ ‘When should I say this?’ I thought a lot about it. Actually… I’ve actually known this news for a while, but I wonder when’s the right time to tell you. And after some thoughts, I decided to do it after my last schedule today.

— Dowoon

Dowoon (left) and Wonpil (right) | DAY6/VLIVE

Fans expected that Wonpil would enlist before Dowoon since Dowoon is the youngest member. But the members revealed that Dowoon made the decision in an attempt to “match up the timing [of his military service] as much as possible with that of the hyungs [older members],” as he hopes to minimize DAY6’s hiatus. As always, the members are so selfless and think of the band and MyDays all of the time.

Wonpil: The hyungs too, they’ll be back.

Dowoon: Right.

Wonpil: Actually, (we’re) trying the best to match (the enlistment) with the hyungs.

Dowoon: Because we want to (continue) playing as a band.

Wonpil: If we go sooner, then we can get back faster too.

Dowoon: Of course!

Wonpil: That’s the important thing.

Dowoon (left) and Wonpil (right) | DAY6/VLIVE

They reassured MyDays. We don’t need to worry because DAY6 will be back!

I’ve mentioned this several times, but you guys can do whatever you want to, and we’ll come and find you on our own! You don’t have to worry.

— Dowoon

Dowoon (left) and Wonpil (right) | DAY6/VLIVE

Dowoon expressed relief that he would be able to continue playing music even during his military enlistment as a member of the military band. Luckily, he will be playing drums! For musicians, it’s important to keep playing and practicing; otherwise, one can lose their skills, so this is awesome.

Now, I got to join the military band. The fact that I can still play drums in the military! It’s something I’m really grateful.

— Dowoon

MyDays are wishing him well and thanking him for his thoughtfulness and contribution.

Dowoon will become the third member of DAY6 to enlist in the military, following bandmates Sungjin and Young K, who are currently serving.

Wonpil has yet to update in regards to his military enlistment date. With Dowoon’s enlistment, he and Jae are the only remaining members. As Jae is not a South Korean citizen, he will not enlist.

Wonpil (left) and Jae (right) | JYP Entertainment

The discharge dates for the members are Sungjin on September 7, 2022, Young K on April 11, 2023, and Dowoon on July 16, 2023. We’ll miss the members, but we wish them all the best as they fulfill their duty to their country.

Source: DAY6

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