DAY6’s Young K Shows Off Shaved Head Ahead Of His Enlistment, And The Members Are Emotional Too

MyDays are not the only ones emotional about Young K’s departure!

DAY6‘s Young K is the latest member to enlist in the military.

DAY6’s Young K | DAY6/VLIVE via @litelcikin/Twitter

Leader Sungjin enlisted in March of this year. In August, Young K announced that he would be following. He left for mandatory military enlistment in the afternoon of October 12. He has now enlisted at a new recruit training center.

| DAY6/VLIVE via @parkeupin/Twitter

Following Young K’s completion of basic military training, he will serve in the KATUSA branch of the Republic Of Korea (ROK) Army. He is the first K-Pop idol to be accepted in this highly sought-after, low-acceptance branch.

| honorable.katusa/Facebook

Before leaving, Young K made his solo debut with Eternal. Also, on October 10, he finished all activities as DJ for KBS Cool FM’s DAY6’s Kiss the Radio.

It is never easy to watch idols leave to fulfill their duty, but Young K has always comforted MyDays. Before he left, he held a live broadcast one last time.

He even briefly took off his baseball cap during the live broadcast to show off his new look!

He, honestly, totally pulls off the shaved head just like Sungjin does!

| DAY6/VLIVE via @woompiri/Twitter
| DAY6/VLIVE via @parkeupin/Twitter

Their hairstylist even shared a shot of hair from the shavings. They did the same for Sungjin too!

MyDays surely are missing him already, but we are not the only ones…

No one misses Young K more than the members! Dowoon has since even held an Instagram Live, clearly missing his hyung. He said that before sending Young K off, they had breakfast together.

We ate gook and rice together for breakfast.

— Young K

When Sungjin enlisted, he also did a live broadcast.

Likewise, Wonpil has been sharing on Bubble about Young K’s departure. He said that after Sungjin left for the military, he looked in his room. Today, he did the same with Young K, but he feels better. We can’t imagine how empty the place must feel without them both now!

| bubble via @dear_bassist/Twitter

We can’t blame the remaining members for feeling sad right now as 2/5 of DAY6 are gone. We look forward to the day they can all be reunited. Until then, we wish Young K the very best in this next chapter in his life!

Source: DAY6