DAY6’s Young K Personally Announces Military Enlistment Date Following Confirmation Of Solo Debut

Serve well, Young K.

DAY6‘s Young K has just announced that, alongside the confirmation of his first debut solo album, he will be enlisting in the military later in the year.

DAY6’s Young K | JYP Entertainment

On August 16, Young K held a live broadcast with fans with some news for all DAY6 fans. Rumors recently circulated about Young K releasing a solo album. During the broadcast, Young K personally confirmed that he would be releasing an album, hinted that it would be called Eternal, and it definitely had fans excited.

Why am I here? I’m coming out with a solo album, it’s my debut. Eternal, that is the title or the name of this room… it’s a mini album.

— DAY6 Young K


As well as giving fans more information about what fans can expect from the album and when to expect it, he also explained how he personally wanted to share some more news with fans which was that he would be enlisting in the army on October 12.

I wanted to let you guys know, I wanted to tell you guys myself as soon as possible. I worked a little harder to show you guys, to give you guys more happiness because I am going to the army in October.

— DAY6 Young K

For many K-Pop fans, it is always hard to watch idols leave to fulfill their mandatory military enlistment, yet Young K wanted to ensure that fans were not too sad

I don’t want you guys to be down, I want you guys to be as happy as possible. I will stay healthy, and I am healthy.

— DAY6 Young K


During the broadcast, Young K added that he would be enlisting in the military unit called KATUSA, which stands for Korean Augmentation To the United States Army. The unit has seen artists such as rapper Swings join, and it is a program that allows the South Korean government to recruit soldiers who are fluent in both the Korean and English languages to the U.S. Army bases stationed on the Korean peninsula.

Although Young K seemed emotional throughout, he continued to thank fans for their support and encourage them not to feel too sad about the news of his enlistment.

You don’t have to be worried. There’s still a lot of days left, and I’ve been working hard to make you guys happy and laugh.

— DAY6 Young K


As expected, Young K added how nervous he was about announcing it, but many fans were touched that he personally made sure that they were the first to know about the news! Fans will continue to wish him the very best!

Young K was born in December 1993 and is the second member of DAY6 to enlist after leader Sungjin.

Source: VLIVE