DAY6’s Young K Would Hilariously Practice Before Hitting Up Karaoke Bars—Here’s Why

Young K is diligent even while partying.

DAY6‘s Young K is a world-class musician, but revealed that he gets nervous performing at casual karaoke events, so much so that he has to practice beforehand!

Young K recently sat down to share his playlist with his fans through KBS‘s Youtube channel, where he also shared personal anecdotes and stories from his trainee days!

One of the songs he selected was Park Hyo Shin‘s “Memory Resembles Love”, and he revealed that even though this was an extremely popular song choice to sing at karaoke, he never ended up singing it!

A lot of people sing this song at karaoke. But surprisingly, I never sang this song at karaoke.

—Young K

Young K then shared the songs he did sing at karaoke, which were Buzz‘s “Thorn” and Don Mclean‘s “Vincent”, and revealed that he would practice these songs especially to sing at karaoke!

I often sang Buzz’s “Thorn”, and actually, I didn’t go to karaoke often. Even “Thorn” was a song that I practiced alone to sing it at karaoke. So I don’t really have many songs for karaoke.

Oh, I have another karaoke song. From what I remember, the first tape I had was a collection of pop songs. The first track of that tape was Don Mclean’s “Vincent”!

Yes, that song was my other karaoke song.

—Young K

Considering his smashing music career, he now has tons of songs he could perform at karaoke, and he’d have everyone BEAT!

You can watch him talk about it here!