DAY6’s Jae Calls Out JYP Entertainment For Unfair Treatment

He’s comparing JYP’s treatment of him versus his DAY6 members.

DAY6‘s Jae has called out his own agency, JYP Entertainment, for the unfair treatment he has been receiving compared to the other members.

Jae initially called out JYP Entertainment by quoting the DAY6 official account, asking why they wouldn’t repost his DIVE Studio content after they posted Young K‘s.

The next day, Jae added further explanation to his tweets, questioning why his own personal activities aren’t shared on the DAY6 Twitter account.

Just recently I’ve done podcasts, I’ve done the Hwaiting podcast on Facebook and did a collab with 88rising, why aren’t my activities shared?

— Jae

He also added how JYP forced him to quit his own YouTube channel because it wasn’t favorably viewed upon.

On YouTube too, it was all me, doing the work alone for JaeSix. The company said things about it, and I had to beg for permission to do it. Even after all of that, they said ‘people within the company don’t approve of it’ and so I had to stop it.

Why do the other members get their content expenses covered, management for their schedules, and help from the staff?

— Jae

Star News attempted to reach JYP Entertainment for a response, but they did not receive a response.

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