“Dazed Korea” unveils exclusive pictorial from BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary project

The celebration never ends with BIGBANG as they unveil exclusive photos from their anniversary special pictorial. 

Fashion magazine Dazed Korea recently released photos from their commemorative “Declare Independence” issue featuring BIGBANG’s tenth anniversary pictorial project. The photos were released exclusive online and shared by the members through their respective SNS accounts. The anniversary project featured a cover for each member showcasing their unique, individual concepts.

G-Dragon showcased his extraordinary, fashion sense through an artistic set, while Taeyang opted for a dreamy illusion, transforming into an image of another man.

T.O.P, on the other hand, took a more youthful approach and posed with a carton of milk, while his eyes popped open, while Daesung and Seungri casually hid their charms through a mask and hourglass respectively.

The photos have received a warm reception online as expectations for their unique and bold fashion sense were expressed.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG celebrated their 10th anniversary concert last August 20th and ended with great success.

Image from “Dazed Korea” / Dispatch


Source: Dispatch

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