DCTOM Entertainment Responds To Reports Claiming Their Ties To Burning Sun

They released a statement.

Previous reports claimed that the former club MU:IN, which was partly owned by DCTOM Entertainment’s CEO, was connected to Burning Sun.

Club Owned By Shaun’s Agency Revealed To Be Closely Connected To Burning Sun


According to Kuki News, the address of Eumjoogain (the registered owner of MU:IN) and DCTOM Entertainment were the same and the representative director, internal director and auditor of Eumjoogain were employees of DCTOM Entertainment. As a result, they concluded that DCTOM was actually in charge of managing the club.


MU:IN was registered as a “general restaurant” when, in fact, it was a club. This was seen as a method to evade additional taxes on adult business establishments. Moreover, Kuki Entertainment stated facts that showed connections between MU:IN and Burning Sun.


In response to these reports, DCTOM stated that they were not correlated to Burning Sun in any way and said they would need further confirmation in regard to the tax evasion accusations.

It is true that the CEO of DCTOM Entertainment holds shares of MU:IN. Our agency’s DJs received pay for performing and that’s all. DCTOM and MU:IN are separate companies. The DJs received pay for their performances (at Burning Sun) and that was all. We have no relations to Burning Sun. (In relation to tax evasion accusations,) we need to check on that.

ㅡ DCTOM Entertainment

Source: Star Today

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