Delinquent Korean Teens Are In Danger Of Getting Conned Into Sexual Favors

It’s a dangerous world out there.

With the prevalence of the internet, it seems that more teens are being put at risk. A popular experimental channel on YouTube, Kizzle, conducted a social experiment with two students. The two students posed as high schoolers who were looking for adults to buy them cigarettes.

One student revealed that there were many posts on social media that advertised services for buying cigarettes. Upon contacting one of them, the service operator asked if he was a female or not.

When the male student replied in the negative, the service operator merely sent, “Ah, sorry. I’m not looking for a wholesome deal.” Such service operators often look for sexual favors in exchange for cigarettes, rather than simply money.

When the female student tried her luck, the service operator she contacted asked her for “₩200,000 KRW ($180 USD) and 1 hour.” The time condition can be interpreted as a duration for sexual favors.

When she went to meet up with one service operator, he bought the cigarettes for her. However, he also asked if he could touch her breasts if he paid her.

Kizzle interviewed some of these service operators that came out to meet the students conducting the experiment. A female operator shared that her motive was purely monetary…

… while others shared that although money was important, if other things were to occur they would take the chance.

One particular exchange that disgusted the female student was when an operator asked if she was able to do oral sex in exchange for cigarettes. 

Odder requests asked for her to send pictures of her socks or feet.

They also asked for socks or stockings in exchange for the goods.

Kizzle interviewed some students who were trying to purchase cigarettes. Various motivations included addiction and stress. Most admitted that most exchanges were not clean, but that they were willing to take the chance.

However, for the unwitting, this could prove to be extremely dangerous. Catch the full video below.