Following Departures From YG Entertainment, What Does The Future Hold For BIGBANG? Korean Media Weighs In

We will have to wait and see how this next chapter of BIGBANG will influence the K-Pop industry.

With the recent news of BIGBANG’s Taeyang and Daesung leaving YG Entertainment and G-Dragon negotiating his contract, it looks like the next step for the members has been decided.

Starting with Taeyang, he has decided to move to The Black Label, an affiliate label of YG Entertainment.

We are sincerely happy to be able to deliver the news of Taeyang’s new start. There is no change in the fact that he is a member YG’s family and BIGBANG. We know many people are waiting for BIGBANG’s activities, so we will work together to make that happen.

— YG Entertainment

The Black Label also added, “Producer Teddy and artist Taeyang, who have worked together for a long time, will start anew at The Black Label based on their deep musical trust in each other.”

Following Taeyang’s news, attention was naturally drawn to the future of the other members. After the expiration of Daesung’s contract, YG Entertainment stated, “Daesung has terminated his contract and is seeking a new start. The fact that he is a member of BIGBANG remains unchanged, and we will support his new start and choice and cooperate with him anytime.”

In regards to G-Dragon, he is discussing a solo contract with YG Entertainment, focusing on the possibility of remaining at the agency. However, with other members having nested in different places, Korean media believes BIGBANG is highly likely to show their own capabilities as soloists in the near future.

In particular, it’s predicted that Taeyang will promote as a soloist in 2023 with producer Teddy, as fans have been waiting a long time for a comeback. Daesung’s future path has not been clearly decided yet, but it’s believed he will most likely pursue music activities after deciding on a new agency. Recently, he has communicated with fans by sharing his daily life through YouTube.

A drum cover on the D’splay YouTube channel / @Dsplay27

YG Entertainment has also strongly expressed their intention to cooperate at anytime to maintain BIGBANG, and anticipation is rising as to whether fans will be able to see BIGBANG in its entirety. However, Korean media believes it is questionable whether T.O.P, who has not been active as a member of BIGBANG since his contract expired, will be able to work together. Recently, he’s been reported to be preparing for a trip to the outer space.

T.O.P in a video talking about travelling to the outer space | @choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Now that the next chapter of BIGBANG has been revealed, attention is focused on what kind of precedent it will set in the history of Korean pop music.

Source: xportsnews


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