Desi Music Factory Under Fire For Plagiarizing BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream

Fans are asking YG Entertainment to stop them.

The recent music video put out by Desi Music Factory, “Booty Shake” by Tony Kakkar featuring Sonu Kakkar, Hansika Motwani, Sheetal Pery, Anshul Garg, and Satti D, is under fire for plagiarizing “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK. This is not the first time they have been accused, as their song “Shona Shona” openly plagiarized B1A4 and IZ*ONE.

In B1A4 and IZ*ONE’s case, the “inspiration” was cited in their video’s description. That is not the case this time for BLACKPINK.

“Ice Cream” | BLACKPINK/YouTube
“Booty Shake” | Desi Music Factory/YouTube

Even the background dancers seem much too similar to the girls’ outfits.

“Booty Shake” | Desi Music Factory/YouTube

Tony Kakkar has become well known in the community as a plagiarizer, and fans have been scanning the video for any other sets he may have stolen.

YG Entertainment, (IZ*ONE’s) Swing Entertainment, and (B1A4’s) WM Entertainment have yet to make a statement.

Fans beg him to stop as it is not an “inspiration”; it is copying and plagiarizing. Not to mention, he has done this several times.