Despite No Longer Working As An Idol, Former MONSTA X Member Wonho Just Gained Many New Fans Because Of This

No one can resist his charismatic stage presence

Even though Wonho is no longer an active member of MONSTA X, a recent occurrence has allowed him to gain many new fans, and it’s easy to see why.

3 days ago, someone on TikTok uploaded a 6 second long video of Wonho. In the video, he’s dancing with the front of his shirt open, showing off his extremely toned body.

Since the video has been posted, it has gained nearly 1 million likes and has over 8 million views! And no wonder — there’s no doubt that Wonho is captivating, and his gorgeous visuals are making people everywhere swoon for the first time upon watching him.

Here’s how MONBEBEs are reacting on social media:

Watch the original video on TikTok here:

@mx_mb_514그럼 나도 슬쩍.. ##몬스타엑스 ##원호 ##monstax ##추천♬ original sound – taebear_v

Who knows what the future has in store for the ex-idol?