Here’s Some Details From TXT’s “FIGHT” Concept For “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE” You Might Not Have Noticed

There are no coincidences.

TXT recently released their concept photos and clips for their first concept, “FIGHT,” as part of their repackaged album The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE!

TXT in “FIGHT” concept | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

In the concept clips, we see TXT as skaters at a skatepark. The music that plays over the video is not anything from the upcoming repackaged album or a pre-existing TXT song.


Instead, songs from other artists are used. For the OT5 video, Skipp Whitman‘s “Never Afraid” plays. For each members’ solo clips, “You Wouldn’t Know” by Zac Crook is the song playing instead. Of course, everything is planned thoughtfully with anything related to HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC, so these song choices are likely very intentional and meaningful.

“You Wouldn’t Know” was released during the time of the pandemic and describes a long-distance relationship. This is, unfortunately, something many of us can relate to all to well now. And TXT have previously explored similar topics and subject matter with their extended play Minisode1: Blue Hour. TXT have said before that they hope listeners will be able to relate to their music.

The world was shutting down, and I felt like I was slowly going kinda crazy. We had to cancel a whole month of tour dates, and for the first time in a long time, because of everything slowing down, I was faced to feel a lot of these things that I hadn’t really dealt with. A big thing being, I wasn’t all that invested in the person, this relationship, that I had been telling myself I was

— Zac Crook about writing “You Wouldn’t Know”

So, perhaps this could hint at the subject matter that TXT will be exploring in The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE. Or, perhaps these artists are some that they have collaborated with for the repackaged album.

MOAs also noticed details in some of the members’ individual concept photos that were released. In the case of Beomgyu‘s, they noticed that he has an injury which one might assume resulted from skateboarding, but it happens to be in the exact same place that Yeonjun was injured in the “Drama” MV. Might we be getting an alternate timeline?

Others are finding details in some of the props, too, like why is one of the T’s in TXT missing on this skateboard? This couldn’t have been unintentional…

MOAs are also discussing their theories about the upcoming album and its concepts. TXT always seems to have a storyline within their concepts in their music videos, so it makes us all wonder.

What do you think this all could mean?

Source: Immersive Atlanta and @byeoleaf


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