Netizen Detectives Find Evidence That A “Single’s Inferno” Couple Is Still Dating IRL, Here’s All The Proof

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Since the release of the Netflix series Squid Game, there has suddenly been an increase in the popularity of Korean shows. In particular, one reality show that has become a new guilty pleasure for viewers is Single’s Inferno. 

Single’s Inferno poster | Netflix

The series follows a group of single Koreans looking for love and is similar to the idea of Love Island, which is popular in Western countries. 

As the series is nearly ending, viewers have been trying to predict which couples will match up. More importantly, they want to know who will stay together after the show actually finishes!

The current cast on the show | Netflix

Although the series hasn’t even finished yet, netizens have put on their “detective” hats and have already uncovered some tea about the contestants on the show.

Two contestants who have had an extremely whirlwind journey on the show are Kang Soyeon and Jin Taek.

Contestant Soyeon | @kangsoyeon_/ Instagram
Contestant Jin Taek | @timelessbruno/ Instagram

In the first episode, the two caught the attention for their instant chemistry. Jin Taek even explained that he didn’t want to go to “paradise,” which is the hotel away from the island, with anyone else.

Yet, in the next episode, netizens thought Jin Taek went back on his words after inviting Jiyeon and explaining that he was now conflicted with his feelings. Even Song Ji A wanted to know where his loyalties were.

| Netflix

However, after the duo’s crazy journey, it seems as if they might have sorted it all out at the end of the series. Netizens have used their detective skills to find evidence that Soyeon and Jin Taek must’ve coupled up and are still dating in real life!

Of course, there are snippets from the upcoming episodes showing the duo showcasing their chemistry once again…

A spoiler for the final episode | Netflix

But, user @backupacc__1983 on Twitter shared their evidence from looking through the two contestant’s social media that prove that they must still be dating.

First, they noticed that in a recent video on Soyeon’s YouTube channel showcasing her trip to Jeju last month, Jin Taek seemed to be with her because a figure that looked a lot like him was spotted in the background shot.

Soyeon in her Jeju vlog | @backupacc__1983/ Twitter
| @backupacc__1983/ Twitter

If that seemed to be a huge assumption, it seemed almost undeniable when Jin Taek shared a photo on Instagram wearing the same sweatshirt seen on the person in the video!

Netizens took that one step further and pointed out that the silver suitcase Jin Taek was carrying in the Instagram picture in the Ben Sherman sweatshirt was the same suitcase seen in a scene from Soyeon’s video.

| @backupacc__1983/ Twitter

One of the main things that stood out about Soyeon was her incredible athletic ability. So, it isn’t surprising that she often posts images of herself showcasing these skills, particularly on the tennis courts.

Yet, if it wasn’t cute enough that Jin Taek liked these photos, fans noticed that he also plays tennis (which isn’t surprising considering his physique) at the SAME courts as Soyeon.

Also, considering that in his own photo taken on the same day, he’s wearing a dark t-shirt and using an orange rack which is the same as the person in Soyeon’s image… it has to be him, right?!

Jin Taek is known as the CEO and style advisor of the South Korean brand, Ascottage. He has even modeled the clothing on the brand’s Instagram… 

Jin Taek modeling for Ascottage | @ascottage/ Instagram

Soyeon has been seen wearing a hat from that brand while playing golf and showing that she is good at everything. Whether it is just for fashion purposes or to support her “boyfriend’s” business, it is definitely cute AF.

It seems as if Instagram has definitely been the perfect place to find evidence.

Netizens had noticed that Jin Taek has been going through Soyeon’s old pictures and liking them, and some were pictures taken before the show was even filmed.

When two people are in a relationship, there is no doubt that they will have met each other’s friends and family. The same user shared that Jin Taek’s friends follow Soyeon and like her images. Jin Taek also follows Soyeon’s brother on Instagram.

Of course, when users started to share the evidence from all of these posts, netizens had to have their say on the relationship, and it was very mixed. Some were happy about the idea, but others doubted their suitability after the show.

Although there hasn’t been much recent activity, and Soyeon has deleted some of the vlogs, probably due to giving out spoilers, the evidence seems too perfect. Hopefully, when the final episode airs, the two can give us more information about the state of their relationship.

You can read more about the finale and whether it fits with these rumors below.

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Source: @backupacc__1983

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