ENHYPEN’s Jay Has The Perfect Way Of Showcasing His Love For Role Model BTS’s V

The idol gained attention at a recent Dispatch D’FESTA event!

When it comes to the bond between members of different groups within the same company, the friendship and respect between the artists at HYBE are second to none. In particular, after debuting in 2020, the members of ENHYPEN have always been vocal about their love and admiration for their seniors like TXT and BTS.

Members of ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

In particular, one member of ENHYPEN who has shown his respect for BTS’s V on several occasions is none other than Jay.

ENHYPEN’s Jay | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Since debuting, the idol has made it public about how he sees V as a role model, particularly because both are known to be fashionistas. Whether it was in an interview with Weverse

… or speaking to a fan about the idol he wants to become close with, V is always his answer.

On I-LAND, Jay even shared his excitement when he was gifted a V blanket from the idol himself (which is definitely on ARMYs’ steal list). Jay has continuously cemented his ARMY status and is definitely a massive V fanboy!

Well, it seems like Jay has once again found the perfect way to showcase his love for V. The members of ENHYPEN recently visited Dispatch‘s D’FESTA promotional event.

During the event, the members got to look at some merchandise from other K-Pop idols. In particular, when it came to picking up photos of senior idols, a photo of Jay was taken where he looked extremely excited about having a very handsome poster of V.

| @bubblejayj/Twitter

Even before the photo was taken, Jay was seen eagerly taking V’s merch from a member of staff and putting it in his bag.

When the pictures were shared, netizens couldn’t get over Jay’s love for V and how he straight away went for the BTS member’s merch and made sure it stayed with him throughout.

Yet, Jay wasn’t the only member to show his love for his seniors. After TXT’s Taehyun attended the same event and made sure to carry a picture of ENHYPEN’s Jungwon, the group’s leader returned the favor in the cutest way possible.

As always, the artists at HYBE have the best friendship and admiration for each other. No matter where they are, the idols will publically show their support for each other, and netizens can’t get enough of the interactions. Hopefully, it won’t be long until BTS and ENHYPEN meet in person and give more wholesome content.

You can read more about ENHYPEN’s respect and admiration for BTS’s V below.

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