ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Picks Which Member Of BTS Is His Role Model

BTS continues to inspire their juniors!

When it comes to K-Pop companies where the relationship between the artists is too soft to comprehend, one place that has always gained positive attention is HYBE! With artists like BTS, TXT, Lee Hyun, and ENHYPEN, there are always so many adorable interactions between them but also immense respect.

As the juniors, one group who has always shown their love for their seniors is ENHYPEN.

Members of ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN/ Twitter

The group debuted back in 2020 after being formed on the reality show I-LAND. During the show and after debuting, the members had many encounters with members all the artists in their company.

ENHYPEN with Lee Hyun | 혀니콤보 TV/ YouTube   

In particular, the group unsurprisingly has the utmost respect and admiration for BTS. In the past, the members have never stopped praising the group and sharing their respect for everything BTS has done since they debuted back in 2013.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Recently, one person that has gained attention for revealing which member of BTS he looks up to and sees as a role model is Sunghoon!

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon | @ENHYPEN/ Twitter

The idol recently sat down in an interview with the Japanese magazine Numero Tokyo and answered some questions about his career, and took some amazing pictures that showcased different sides of him.

In particular, during the interview, Sunghoon revealed the member of BTS who he saw as a role model, and it’s none other than V!

Personally, I want to improve my fashion sense, I want to be a good speaker, and I want to be a person who has no weaknesses. BTS V senior is a role model.

— Sunghoon

Sunghoon picked BTS’s V as his role model

There is no denying that V has a special touch that makes him loved by idols and netizens alike. Yet, Sunghoon isn’t the first, second, or third member of ENHYPEN to share his love for V.

In a Billboard interview, visual and vocalist Sunoo credited Taehyung as the person who gave him the confidence to pursue becoming a full-time artist.

| Billboard

Member Jay has shared on several occasions that V is his role model and someone he wants to become close to. In particular, it is their shared passion for fashion that made V become the person he aspires to be.

Finally, Jake revealed in a Weverse interview that he uses V as inspiration for channeling a cool and confident character in music videos.

| Weverse

Considering the amount of work and effort V has put in over the years, it isn’t surprising that so many idols look up to him. Yet, that shouldn’t overshadow the rest of BTS who ENHYPEN have never stopped praising and admiring.

You can read more about ENHYPEN’s love and respect for BTS’s V below.

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