DIA Chaeyeon Talks About Drinking Alcohol With I.O.I Members

Chaeyeon often meets with IOI members for a meal, a cafe break, and drinks!

DIA’s Chaeyeon talked about her relationship with I.O.I members in an interview after her shoot with bnt.


She said that she and the I.O.I members were very close and even met up for drinks recently.

“We get along very well. I get together often with the members who can meet up. We go to restaurants, cafes, and recently I even drank alcohol with Yeonjung who just turned 18. Even during Lunar New Year’s, I met with members who weren’t able to visit family because of their schedules and we had a meal together.” ㅡ Chaeyeon


In the interview, she also talked about her alcohol tolerance and role as the alcohol stocker.

Source: Instagram

“My tolerance depends on my condition, but usually one bottle of soju is perfect for me. These days I haven’t been drinking much because I think it’s making me gain weight. I often stock our place with alcohol. It’s kind of my responsibility to restock our alcohol supply, but when I see that the bottom tray of our refrigerator is empty, I feel like something is missing.”   ㅡ Chaeyeon


It seems like Chaeyeon enjoys having the occasional drink as she revealed on the talk show Life Bar that she enjoys drinking alone.

She added, “I used to like drinking fruit soju but they gave me hangovers so I stick to regular soju these days. I like to have chicken gizzard and egg soup or just fruits if I have a schedule the following day.


She even went as far as to say that drinking alcohol was her know-how for photoshoots!

Source: Instagram

She explained, “If I drink about a half bottle of soju the day before a photo shoot, I won’t be swollen the next day. It makes me look a little thin but with some makeup, it becomes perfect.”


Here’s the result of her photo shoot know-how!

Seeing how gorgeous she looks, it seems like her drinking know-how is working very well for her!

Source: BNT News and Simin Ilbo
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