3rd Generation Girl Group Lead Vocal Receives Criticism For Poor Performance On Survival Show “Universe Ticket”

Fans are shocked.

DIA’s Eunchae shocked when it was announced that she would be joining SBS’s new survival program, Universe Ticket. Most of the contestants were still in their teens. Eunchae is the oldest contestant at 24 years old internationally. She entered under her real name, Kwon Chaewon.

She performed Sunmi’s “Heroine.”

Despite giving it her all, the judges’ faces hardened immediately. Kim Sejeong, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and dancer Rian in particular were shown with flat expressions.

Kim Sejeong’s reaction.

Her performance was deemed lacklustre, compared to her many years of experience. DIA debuted in 2015, a whole 8 years ago.

Eunchae went up against Jeon Jieun during the battle. Jieun is currently the leader of Busters, while DIA disbanded in 2022. Kim Sejeong provided both with solid advice.

I don’t think that skills are that important for girl groups to be honest. But instead, you have to not let your skills be found out on stage. You can’t be caught out. And in order to not be caught, you have to really put in your blood, sweat, and tears to pull off a perfect performance. I think that’s what being an idol is. Even if it’s true that you’re lacking, you have to complete it. But the two of you, one of you is a current girl group member, and another of you is a former member. I think that these titles are very meaningless. Even if you’re a member that only sings for 20 seconds, your skills can’t be caught out in those 20 seconds. I don’t think that your skills were found out because you sang for 82 seconds here. Even if we gave you only 20 seconds, it would’ve been similar.

— Kim Sejeong

Many agreed with Kim Sejeong, for Eunchae was known as the lead singer of DIA. Fans and netizens are aware of how well she sang with DIA. This led them to be disappointed further with her performance on Universe Ticket.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Sejeong is really good at speaking. She’s exactly right about the idol industry. I’m more convinced because she’s the one speaking.
  • The song choice was such a miss.
  • I remember Eunchae as a member that was good on stage. What happened?
  • Aigoo, Eunchae was good during DIA. It’s such a pity. Since the judges only can judge her through that one performance, it’s for sure they can say that…
  • She’s right…
  • Was it during “WOOWA?” I saw their performance by chance and she stood out to me because she was so good. Just what had happened?
  • Why is Sejeong so good at judging? She’s the very essence of a talent.
  • Wow… She’s so good with her words.
  • Wow, she’s good at speaking.

Eunchae was ranked 2nd overall during preliminary voting.

Eunchae during her DIA days. | Tenor


Source: Theqoo