DIA Somyi’s Contract Terminated Following Her 19+ Adult Broadcast Jockey (BJ) Debut

She hasn’t promoted with the group since March 2019.

According to numerous media sites, DIA member Somyi is no longer with the girl group.

Former DIA member, Somyi | PocketDol Studio

On January 9, DIA’s agency PocketDol Studio (subsidiary of MBK Entertainment) released an official statement regarding the former DIA member. With a short sentence, they stated that “Somyi terminated her exclusive contract due to health reasons,” confirming Somyi’s departure from the label and the girl group.

Somyi performing with DIA on “M! Countdown” | Mnet

While the termination may be upsetting, it may not be surprising to DIA fans since Somyi has not participated in any of the group’s activities since their “Woowa” promotions. DIA released “Woowa” back in March 2019, which means Somyi has not participated in any of the girl group’s promotions for almost 3 years.

Somyi (top left) with DIA for “Woowa” promotions | PocketDol Studio

As fans began to wonder about Somyi’s whereabouts, the former DIA member emerged from her hiatus in November 2021 as a PandaTV broadcasting jockey (BJ) under the name ‘Chomyi’—which many believe may be the exact reason behind her sudden contract termination.

The reason? PandaTV is not just an ordinary live streaming platform, but it has become widely known amongst Korean netizens for its adult content.

Somyi’s BJ debut | PandaTV

The streaming site features thousands of BJs, mostly female, who dress in racy clothing to garner the interest of online users. Numerous live streaming platforms, such as PandaTV, are steadily rising in South Korea as a method of income, which may be the very reason why many former female stars have turned to this career path.

Former Produce 48 contestant Kim Hyunah, former GLAM member DaheeCrayon Pop‘s Ellin are just a few of the former female idols who have turned to broadcast jockeying—and now, Somyi has joined the list.

Somyi | PandaTV

Due to the negative stigma associated with these live streaming platforms and the female BJs’ overtly sexual presentations, many believed that this was the “push” PocketDol Studio needed to officially part ways with Somyi.

| PandaTV

At 17-years-old (international age), Somyi joined DIA back in April 2017, where she made her official debut with the group’s single, “Will You Go Out With Me?” She participated in numerous DIA comebacks, such as “Can’t Stop”, “Woo Woo”, “Good Night” and more before her official contract termination on January 9, 2022.

She was with the girl group for almost 5 years.

Somyi (far left) with DIA for “Will You Go Out With Me?” | PocketDol Studio
Source: Ilgan Sports