DIA’s Somyi Confesses She Took Sleeping Pills Before Shedding Tears on Live Broadcast

Fans are concerned for her well-being.

DIA‘s Somyi recently shed tears after confessing that the live broadcast was being held without her agency’s permission.

I turned this on behind my agency’s back. I love my fans. Thank you so much guys.

– Somyi

What drew particular attention were the things Somyi said about herself while tearing up on her bed.

Since I’m ugly, I’m going to become prettier during my time off. I’ll come back happy.

– Somyi

She also confessed that she took sleeping pills and opened up about her true feelings regarding her career and fans.

I’m scared to stand in front of people. I love my fans. Please be happy, everyone. I’m worthless, but since I love my DIA members, please love them as well.

– Somyi

Fans who tuned in for the live broadcast expressed their worry for Somyi, wondering if something bad happened to her recently.

Some of them responded with comments such as “She didn’t attend any recent events either” and “She looks really out of it“.

Check out the full broadcast below:

Source: Insight