Did the other members of f(x) benefit from Sulli’s hiatus?

Is Sulli‘s absence from the group actually working in favor for the other members of f(x)?

It has been speculated by netizens that without their top visual member active, it has actually worked in favor for the remaining four members of the girl group f(x), leaving more fans to await for the girls’ comeback.

Although Sulli was officially on a hiatus in order to “find herself” after her relationship scandal with Choiza hit the press, the truth was that Sulli’s temporary departure resulted in all f(x) activities coming to a halt as well. With SM Entertainment focusing on the newer Red Velvet group’s activities, f(x) was relegated to the background soon to be just another former girl group.

Reportedly, such absence seemed to have worked in favor for the rest of the members who did not receive much attention initially, such as Amber and Luna.

After starring in MBC‘s variety show Real Men – Women’s Army Special Episode, Amber garnered much popularity with her charming and cool personality, which was followed up with a solo debut. Luna proved herself to be a talented singer, which has been veiled under her status as a “girl group idol” through her second win on MBC’s survival variety King of Mask Singer.

Recently, f(x) took part in new advertisement for Baskin Robbins’ summer special shaved ice. However, problems arose when fans noticed that Sulli could not be seen anywhere. Since this advertisement included f(x) as a group, many began to question whether Sulli was now out of the group. This was later explained that Sulli was not part of the original contract.

Many agree that this may be SM’s marketing strategy in order to earn fans’ approval to let other members to continue promotions as f(x) despite Sulli’s absence. Some fans have responded that the group should release their comeback as they don’t appreciate selfish single member’s personal matter to influence rest of the members’ group activities.

1. [+312, -9] Sulli actually didn’t have anything eye-catching about her other than her looks and the other members are pretty enough where her absence isn’t such a big hit to the group. f(x) not having Sulli might actually be better for them since they won’t have a member ruining their image by being lazy on stage all the time.

2. [+280, -59] Isn’t f(x)’s visual Krystal?

3. [+203, -14] Sulli doesn’t want to promote with f(x) and the fans want her to leave the group so it’s best for the group in the end overall. Sulli is quite pretty, though.

4. [+69, -3] Honestly, who even thought that the individual f(x) members would do so well on their own after what happened with Sulli. People only knew Krystal and Sulli in the group so we didn’t know just how talented the other members were ㅋ I’m happy they’re doing well now, even if it’s late

5. [+63, -11] Isn’t Krystal the visual top in f(x) for both men and women? Sulli is a love or hate type of look… personally, I’m not fond of her.

6. [+53, -4] I get that the article is trying to make it seem like f(x) is now a talented team with individual members that have public recognition without Sulli but don’t talk like Sulli wasn’t popular ㅋㅋㅋ She might not have been the top visual but she was popular ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Xports NewsXports News via Nate and Xports News via Naver