Here’s The Difference Between EXO Kai’s And Kim Jongin’s Fashion, According To Kai Himself

He pulls off both styles perfectly!

EXO‘s Kai has pulled off some amazing looks throughout his career, whether he’s performing, modeling, or just walking around. From high fashion to casual outfits, Kai can do it all! But there is a slight difference between his personal style as Kim Jongin and his idol style as Kai.

Kai from EXO. | tvND STUDIO/YouTube 

As the Global Ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week, Kai sat down with tvND to talk about his experience in the fashion industry, his role as an ambassador, and his own style. When it comes to being Kai the idol, he gets to try out a ton of different looks!


As an idol, you could only pursue what looks cool but I think I tried a lot of different things. From my hair color to fashion, I challenge myself a lot and I enjoy that.

— Kai

| tvND STUDIO/YouTube 

He’s definitely worn some incredible looks throughout his ten years as an idol! But when it comes to Kim Jongin the person, his style is much more subdued — though equally as impressive.

| @zkdlin/Instagram

But the everyday Kim Jongin likes to stay quiet. Like I said, I don’t like to show that ‘I’m Kai’ too much. I think that shows through fashion.

— Kai

| tvND STUDIO/YouTube 

In summary, Kai’s idol fashion can be described as “super daring,” while Kim Jongin’s fashion is “effortless chic.” He definitely pulls off both perfectly! Check out the full interview below to hear more about Kai’s takes on fashion.

Source: YouTube and Instagram