EXO’s Kai Is The Global Ambassador For Seoul Fashion Week — Here Are 5 Reasons He’s The Perfect Choice

He’s definitely our pick!

Seoul Fashion Week 2022 is coming up next month and who better than EXO‘s Kai to be their global ambassador! The official Instagram account for Seoul Fashion Week made the announcement on Tuesday, September 14.

Kai from EXO and SuperM. | @seoulfashionweek_official/Instagram

SS22 Seoul Fashion Week with 600 years of history is coming!

From Korea’s leading designers to talented rising designers, Seoul Collection and Generation Next Show are waiting for you!

— Seoul Fashion Week

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This year’s Seoul Fashion Week focuses on the “past-present-future” of the city and of Korean culture. They’ll be presenting fashion films from Korean traditional palaces to “experience the history and culture of Seoul.” Fans are ecstatic to see Kai in this role as Global Ambassador! Here are 5 reasons Kai is the perfect choice for the job.

1. Global Influence

Kai is not just the ambassador for Seoul Fashion Week, but the Global Ambassador! His strong international influence makes him a well-known name in both the music and the fashion industry. As a member of EXO and SuperM, Kai has toured all around the world and sold hundreds of thousands of album copies globally!

Ten, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, and Mark of SuperM for their collaboration with Prudential. | @superm/Twitter

Furthermore, EXO officially received their title as the Nation’s Pick in 2018 when the Korea Tourism Organization selected them as the public ambassadors. Kai is definitely well-known and well-respected internationally, making him the perfect choice for Global Ambassador!

2. First Korean Global Ambassador of Gucci

Diving deeper into his work in the fashion industry, in 2019, Kai became the first Korean Global Ambassador for Gucci, an Italian luxury brand founded 100 years ago. He was chosen for his impeccable fashion sense, being able to rock everything from casual to avant-garde.

| @zkdlin

Kai has been working closely with Gucci for years now; he became the first Korean idol to feature in the label’s global advertisement, the first Korean celebrity to launch a capsule collection with Gucci, and even the CEO Marco Bizzarri had nothing but praise for Kai.

| @zkdlin/Instagram

3. First Male Muse of Bobbi Brown

Continuing on with Kai’s “firsts” in the fashion industry, Kai became Bobbi Brown’s first Asia-Pacific muse as well as the brand’s first male muse! Fans were stoked to see Kai working with one of the most prevalent names in American beauty products, and Kai himself was super excited too, saying it was “like a dream” and that the brand’s focus on natural beauty and self-esteem was totally in line with his own beliefs.

| @zkdlin

4. In-Demand Model

Kai has no shortage of modeling gigs being offered to him; from appearing on the cover of DAZED Korea, posing for GQ Magazine, being selected as the model for global outdoor brand BCC, and tons more front cover and editorial features, it’s clear that the industry wants Kai in these roles as much as the fans do!

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Just today, ELLEMEN FRESH, a publication based in China, revealed that Kai will be appearing on the cover for their 2nd Anniversary issue. Who better to represent Seoul Fashion Week on a global scale than one of the most booked and busy models in K-Pop!

| @ellemenfresh

5. Fashion Icon

Even when he isn’t being meticulously styled by stylists for a performance or a photoshoot, Kai still has impeccable fashion taste!  Fashion magazines and blogs have described his fashion sense as quintessential contemporary Korean fashion thanks to his fusion of casual, elegance, and boldness.

| The Daily Sports

His everyday clothing shows that he understands silhouettes, textures, patterns; Kai can mix popular trends with classic styles in a way that exemplifies Seoul Fashion Week’s focus on “past-present-future.” Fans and professionals can agree that Kai is certainly the perfect pick for Global Ambassador!

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Seoul Fashion Week will be held online from October 7, 2021, to October 15, 2021. You can catch it on the official website as well as YouTube and TikTok!

Source: Seoul Fashion Week and Instagram