Gucci’s CEO Can’t Help But Gush Over EXO’s Kai And His Unique Style

“Kai is a very special person.”

Marco Bizzarri holds the title of the president and the CEO of the global fashion brand, Gucci. As he celebrates the 100th anniversary of the designer brand, Marco Bizzarri sat down for an exclusive email interview with Chosun, where he discussed his love for the brand and a special K-Pop idol.

Gucci’s CEO Marco Bizzarri | Vogue

The Gucci CEO was asked about the incredible milestone of the brand, celebrating 100 years this year, and how he felt about it.

People say it’s the 100th anniversary, but I like to think of it as the beginning of a ‘new century.’ I believe that Gucci will pave a new path for the next 100 years, so I look at it like its Gucci’s first year (YEAR ZERO.) It’s an honor to share this moment with you all.

— Marco Bizzarri

It was following this question that Marco Bizzarri was asked about one of Gucci’s brand ambassadors, EXO‘s Kai.

EXO’s Kai (left) with Marco Bizzarri | Gucci

The relationship that I share with Kai is very special. Gucci is a special brand and Kai is a very special person. Kai is passionate about reading, which just shows how interesting he is. Kai’s style is incredibly unique and very modern. You can just feel the complete freedom through his music and his dance. All of this aligns with the values of Gucci.

— Marco Bizzarri

Kai wearing Gucci for “Esquire” | Esquire

The EXO member has been frequently photographed wearing Gucci from head to toe. From photoshoots,

Kai wearing Gucci for “W Korea” | W Magazine

To fashion shows,

Kai at a Gucci fashion show | Gucci

To the airport, Kai has shown off his love for the brand dozens of times.

Kai wearing Gucci at the airport | Korea Times

Which is why it came to no one’s surprise when Kai was named Gucci’s first-ever Korean global brand ambassador back in 2019.

Kai for “Gucci” | Gucci

Everyone loves Kai and the list just keeps growing! You can check out Marco Bizzarri’s entire interview with Chosun, here.

Source: Chosun