The Difference Between IVE’s Wonyoung And Yujin’s Reactions To Something “Scary” Makes Fans LOL

Which one are you more like? 🀣

IVE‘s Wonyoung and Yujin, referred to as “Annyeongz,” are known for their similarities: Both are talented and kind members who leave fans in awe of their impressive heights and gorgeous visuals!

However, the obvious ways they differ make their relationship even more precious.

While performing atΒ Hana Playlist Concert 2023 at Yonsei University, a beautiful display of fireworks wowed the audience.

The fireworks and stage effects shocked some of the members including Liz who kept up a professional performance, despite getting startled.

However, netizens found Wonyoung’s expression hilarious as she was startled on the big screen.

After closing her eyes and then looking around wearily, Yujin comes into view with a huge, excited smile!

The stark difference between the two caught on the big screen quickly went viral…

…and showed the adorable difference in their personalities.

“Annyeongz” are the cutest in their own unique ways!

Watch the full clip below.