The Difference In IZ*ONE Wonyoung’s Visuals At The Seoul Music Awards 2 Years Apart Is Staggering

As the years have passed, fans couldn’t help but point out the difference in her appearance!

IZ*ONE‘s maknae Wonyoung has always been praised for her visuals, and it’s no surprise why- she’s absolutely stunning!

First gaining attention on Produce 48 and eventually as a member of IZ*ONE, she charmed fans with her incredible talents and beauty all at the young age of 14!

Now at the age of 17, WIZ*ONEs everywhere are stunned by how mature Wonyoung’s visuals have become, compared to her debut days!

Fans began comparing her visuals from the 2019 Seoul Music Awards (SMA) to the 2021 Seoul Music Awards, and could not get over the change! At the 2019 SMA, Wonyoung was a baby-faced, refreshing beauty who looked every bit the adorable maknae that she is!

Wonyoung at the 2019 Seoul Music Awards

Even on the red carpet, she wore a flowing white gown, and while she looked gorgeous, she still retained an innocent, youthful vibe!

Wonyoung at the 2019 Seoul Music Awards red carpet

And now, at the 2021 SMA, fans could not believe how mature Wonyoung looked at the event!

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann

Her makeup leaned to the mature side, and with her hair straightened and styled sleekly back, she looked gorgeous and grown-up!

| @jrmsgo/ Instagram

Without a doubt, Wonyoung’s only going to get prettier with time!

| @official_izone/ Instagram

IZ*ONE made their last comeback with the album One-reeler/ Act IV, with the title track “Panorama”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Nate Pann


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