BTS’s “Dynamite” Is Ending All Fan Wars Between ARMY And Directioners

They are putting their differences aside, thanks to BTS’s new song.

ARMY and Directioners, two of the world’s biggest music fandoms, are colliding in the best possible way.

On August 21, BTS released their new song “Dynamite” and its funky fresh music video. Fans immediately fell in love with BTS and their retro looks all over again, but they aren’t the only ones!

| Helene Pambrun/

Directioners (aka One Direction fans) are reaching out to ARMY with the hashtag #DirectionersWithARMY to learn more about the K-Pop kings they can’t help stanning. Who is he? What’s his name? Why is he testing their loyalties like this? They want all the answers!

As always, ARMYs are happy to oblige by naming BTS’s members and sharing fun facts about them.

For years, there has been on-and-off fighting and tension between ARMY and Directioners that was born of rivalry, competitiveness, and steadfast loyalty to their “boys”. Will “Dynamite” unite the fandoms for good? These fans hope so.

After all, they are stronger together!