Here’s Why The Director Of “All Of Us Are Dead” Focused On High School Kids Fighting For Survival

He revealed why!

The K-Drama All Of Us Are Dead is gaining tons of attention worldwide for its amazing plot

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…and the equally amazing advertisements that caught the eyes of fans everywhere!

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And in a recent press conference, the director of the show, Lee Jae Kyoo, talked about the show and its characters!

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The show focuses on a group of students who fight to survive through an outbreak of a virus in a high school, which causes the students to turn into zombies. Regarding the premise of the drama, Lee Jae Kyoo shared that through the focus on high school students, the show aims to send a message about how children fighting to survive can put into perspective the differences between the decision-making skills of a child and an adult.

Up until now, most zombie flicks revolved around adults. But this series follows the story of students, who are yet to fully mature and be socialized.

When adults are put in a dangerous situation, they will all find a safer way. But children, they sometimes make riskier decisions. I wanted to make a story that will lead people to think about what it means to be an adult and a human by watching the decisions and actions the children make in a life-or-death situation.

—Lee Jae Kyoo

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Through All Of Us Are Dead, he also wants viewers to focus on the core message of bullying in Korea.

I don’t think bullying only happens in school. It also happens in society. People collectively bonding in groups with selfishness bring such issues to society globally.

Some might think that it’s only a story about kids in school, but I hope viewers will be able to find it relevant even as adults.

—Lee Jae Kyoo

All Of Us Are Dead is streaming on Netflix now!

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Source: The Korea Times

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