Disney+ Korea To Reportedly Launch A “Running Man” Spin-off Program With Different Members

Which members will stay? Who will be the new cast?

Disney+ Korea will reportedly be launching a Running Man spin-off program with some different members from the current show’s cast.

Running Man cast | SBS

According to an exclusive report from Tenasia, Disney+ will be launching a Running Man spin-off program titled Running Man: Playing More Than Running. The show will be more of a spin-off version than the original and some of the cast members will be different, including reports that Yoo Jae Suk will not be participating.

Disney+ will launch in Korea on November 12, and they are trying to become competitive players in the online streaming service battle. By securing Running Man, which is a popular show throughout Asia, they are attempting to stamp their foot in the battle between online streaming services. Competition is already fierce with Netflix and Tving already boasting PDs who previously worked with Running Man.

| Disney+

Neither Disney+ nor Running Man have commented on the report.

Source: Tenasia