Dispatch Reveals Why They Delayed In Releasing Kang Daniel And TWICE Jihyo’s Dating News

They delayed the news by 2 weeks.

Dispatch was the first to release news about Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo‘s relationship. They had followed the pair for months and had taken secret photos to prove that they were dating. The news dropped on August 5, but it was recently revealed that the original article was ready to be published on July 20.


Dispatch revealed that they waited over 2 weeks before releasing the article because they were trying “to avoid Kang Daniel’s debut week“.

It’s true that we delayed in publishing the article to be considerate of Kang Daniel’s solo debut album release.

We completely finished the report on July 20 and had it ready to go on our site. We thought it would be better to avoid Kang Daniel’s debut week so we originally set the date for August 1 but he had a fan meeting that day.

— Dispatch


Kang Daniel released his official solo debut album ‘color on me’ on July 25. He has been on a fan meeting tour ever since.

Source: Segye