Dispatch Exposes FIFTY FIFTY Family Member’s Lies Sparking Renewed Backlash

“P.S. Dispatch is currently investigating what occurred on this day…”

Dispatch disproved a segment in Unanswered Questions’ controversial FIFTY FIFTY episode.


On August 21, Dispatch uploaded an Instagram post. In the post, the media outlet posted a photo of the FIFTY FIFTY members huddled around a table with food thrown on the floor.

The photos allude to allegations made in the Unanswered Questions’ FIFTY FIFTY episode, in which a FIFTY FIFTY family member alleged that ATTRAKT had forced the group members to throw away food brought to them by their families.

Major Controversy Erupts Over “Unanswered Questions’” FIFTY FIFTY Episode

Dispatch, however, revealed that it wasn’t ATTRAKT that had done this, but an employee of The Givers, the same company FIFTY FIFTY members are alleged to be trying to sign with after terminating their contract with ATTRAKT.

#UnansweredQuestions (claimed): ATTRAKT threw away the food brought to members by their family. ATTRAKT humiliated the members by forcing them to picking up the food and throwing it away.

#FactCheck: The person who threw away the food is an employee of The Givers. FIFTY FIFTY had to bow their heads in humiliation.

— Dispatch

Dispatch then made a shocking announcement in the post’s P.S.

PS. This occurred at ATTRAKT’s Gangnam center. Dispatch is currently investigating what occurred on this day.

— Dispatch

Netizens reacted with shock and criticized the members and their family members for seemingly trying to frame ATTRAKT. Netizens also criticized Unanswered Questions for airing the family member’s interview without checking the facts.

  • “Wow, despite this, they shamelessly (lied) in their interview, LOL. Amazing.”
  • “If this is true, the members are also trying to scam us, LOL. Amazing.”
  • “We live in a world in which Dispatch is better, LOL.”
  • “At this point, shouldn’t all of the Unanswered Questions‘ episodes be fact-checked?”
  • “Did Unanswered Questions receive money from the members’ parents?”
  • “WTF, Unanswered Questions? I don’t know why they even released that episode.”
  • Unanswered Questions got owned by Dispatch and is being made fun of by YouTube sleuths. LOL.”
  • “Wow, if Dispatch was able to find this, what is Unanswered Questions doing?”
  • “What did Unanswered Questions do???
  • “I’ve lost faith in Unanswered Questions…. What is this?… I think they need to release an episode in which they correct their mistakes… I was a fan of theirs, but I’m so disappointed… I’m rooting for Dispatch.”
  • “Get off the air with your manipulated journalism.”

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Source: theqoo