Dispatch Blasts HYBE In New Article Covering ADOR Feud

“HYBE didn’t pay their friendship tax to Dispatch…”

This article is part of our coverage of HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. You can read more and view the entire timeline here.

Dispatch criticized HYBE for miscommunicating with fans.

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On May 14, Dispatch released an article covering HYBE and ADOR’s feud. In their article, Dispatch maintained that HYBE had in fact found “Overwhelming evidence that ADOR was plotting to leave HYBE.”

Of course this assertion has been debunked by Min Hee Jin herself during her explosive press conference. Weeks into the public feud, the only evidence that HYBE has provided to the public was a note, later revealed to have been written by an ADOR director, in which the director scribbled their wish to be independent from HYBE.

Min Hee Jin held a press conference that turned public sentiment

Dispatch then chasticized HYBE’s CEO Park Ji Won while at the same time downplayed Min Hee Jin’s struggle to save the group she created as a dramatic front.

Min Hee Jin’s “F*cking Ajussi” remarks have turned HYBE’s evidence against her into schemes… Fans only considered who loved NewJeans most. Fans cared more about Min Hee Jin’s tears while she claimed to be their mother than the money HYBE had spent on the group.

— Dispatch

Dispatch then claimed that the uproar from the 18-month long hiatus that HYBE was planning for NewJeans came from a misunderstanding. The news outlet then revealed that HYBE had complained to them about Min Hee Jin.

HYBE told us (Dispatch) that (the controversy) was (the result of) Min Hee Jin’s evil play. They claimed that Min Hee Jin manipulated HYBE’s intentions to make sure there weren’t any issues with the group’s hiatus, comeback, and finding (a new) producer.

— Dispatch

Lastly, Dispatch lamented HYBE’s response to the controversy thus far. In the article, the media outlet reminded HYBE that they were an entertainment company first and foremost.

HYBE is an entertainment company. No matter how much they expand the label or how many IT directors they seat on the executive board, HYBE is an entertainment company. And what’s most important to the business is public sentiment. It is as important as the law. However, HYBE continues to fail to win over the public with its response. At this time, more pressing than sight issues for the label is their issue with understanding the situation.

— Dispatch

Netizens reacted to the article with criticism towards both Dispatch and HYBE.


  • “What’s wrong with Dispatch? I’m getting chills.”
  • “HYBE, Dispatch is asking for more money, lol.”
  • “I can tell that HYBE and Dispatch are best friends, lol.”
  • “Oh, but Dispatch forgot to add their bank account number.”
  • “Dispatch is pretending to be neutral, but if you read it, it is biased towards HYBE. They are cutting off the tail of the snake, Park Ji Won, while making Min Hee Jin out to be someone who isn’t relying on facts but emotions.”
  • “HYBE, Dispatch told you to send them money, lol.”
  • “Evil play? Even their wording is cultish, lol. F*ck off, Dispatch.”


  • “The two of them are really like this. This is something the courts can easily handle.”
  • “I felt the part when Dispatch stated fans didn’t care about HYBE’s money or Min Hee Jin’s salary and that they only cared about NewJeans. Seriously, HYBE needs to learn why people are siding with Min Hee Jin, but instead, they are talking about an 18-month hiatus. Of course, people are pissed.”
  • “It seems they are cutting ties with Park Ji Won.”
  • “HYBE didn’t pay their friendship tax to Dispatch.”
  • “Reading the whole thing, Dispatch is only criticizing Park Ji Won and is still siding with HYBE.”
  • “Dispatch <3 HYBE.”

Meanwhile, HYBE is facing a fresh new wave of criticism after their latest criminal allegations targeting Min Hee Jin. You can read more below.

HYBE’s Latest Criminal Allegations Targeting ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Sparks New Backlash

Source: Dispatch and theqoo

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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