Dispatch Reveals aespa’s Karina And Actor Lee Jae Wook Are Dating

They “fell in love at first sight.”

Dispatch has revealed that aespa‘s Karina and top actor Lee Jae Wook are in a relationship.


According to an exclusive report from Dispatch, Karina and Lee Jae Wook are in a relationship. The two were able to spend time together at Prada’s fashion show on January 14, where their relationship started.


They were able to spend time together both in Seoul and in Milan, Italy, despite their busy schedules with filming and aespa’s performances.


I think it’s fair to say they fell in love at first sight. They fell in love from the moment they met at the fashion show.

— Insider

Even though Karina is currently living in aespa’s dorm right now, the two have been able to enjoy dates together whenever they have time. Karina would usually meet up with Lee Jae Wook in his neighborhood. She was spotted near his house late at night.


Neither SM Entertainment nor C-JeS Studios have commented on Dispatch’s report.


Source: Dispatch


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