Dispatch Reveals Damning Photos Of Actress Kim Sae Ron Playing Poker Amid Her Claims Of Facing Financial Hardship

“She is alleged to have played for over three hours…”

Dispatch released photos of embattled actress Kim Sae Ron playing poker.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

On April 4, Dispatch released the photos showing the actress, who made news after claiming she was facing financial hardship, playing poker.

According to Dispatch, the actress was playing Texas Hold’em, a type of poker. The media outlet also gave a play-by-play of the actress’s poker game.

She confidently checked the flop before throwing in a chip for the blind. When another player made a bet on the turn, the actresses called. She also “raced” on the river. In other words, she’s a player who knows how to play Hold’em. This is according to an informant who gave their witness account to Dispatch. The informant stated they saw the actress at a Hold’em pub and watched her play.

— Dispatch

Dispatch then stated that they visited the poker pub whose owner stated that, “It isn’t an illegal gambling ring,” and that there were no illegal money transactions taking place either.

This isn’t an illegal gambling ring. Players charge their chips on an app and come here to play. The chips are then used to purchase food or drinks. We do not convert the chips to cash.

— Owner of the poker pub

Dispatch then pointed out the inconsistencies in Kim Sae Ron’s earlier claims that she is facing financial hardship.

It isn’t an issue that Kim Sae Ron enjoys playing Hold’em. But, her appearance at the poker table, touching her chips seem inconsistent with her claims that she is facing financial hardship. According to the informant, Kim Sae Ron charged her chips more than once. She also ordered a beer around 12 AM. She is alleged to have played for over three hours.

— Dispatch

The photos are damning for the actress, who recently pleaded with the court for leniency in her DUI case. The actress claimed she has been working at a cafe and was facing financial hardship. Controversy struck, however, when photos of the actress working at a cafe were later alleged to have been staged after the cafe denied the actress of ever working there.

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Source: Dispatch