Mega Coffee Calls Out Kim Sae Ron, Claiming She Never Actually Worked For Their Company

She was previously seen “working” for the chain on her Instagram.

Coffee franchise Mega Coffee has called out Kim Sae Ron, claiming she has never worked for the company.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, a representative from coffee chain Mega Coffee told the media outlet that Kim Sae Ron has never been employed at any of the coffee chain’s locations throughout South Korea.

We can confirm that Kim Sae Ron has never worked as an official part-timer employee at any store in the country.

The store owner of the location in question has a part-time employee who is friends with Kim Sae Ron. However, the owner stated that Kim Sae Ron herself never worked as an employee there.

The part-time worker who is Kim Sae Ron’s friend quit working at the location in September 2022. We do not know the exact circumstances as to how she was able to take these pictures, so we are trying to figure out the specifics.

After the photo was reported, headquarters also received calls inquiring about the situation and the store owner also learned about the issue that arose.

The photos of a dark kitchen were not taken in our store. Our stores do not have separate baking spaces.

— Mega Coffee representative

Early on the morning of March 11, Kim Sae Ron posted three updates to her Instagram story showing herself appearing to be working at Mega Coffee.

In the pictures, she could be seen getting ready to work for the day and also preparing a customer’s order.

Another update showed her in a kitchen, preparing desserts for baking.

Previously, Kim Sae Ron’s agency claimed she was working at a coffee shop due to financial hardships following her DUI back in May 2022. Netizens also shared their mixed reactions to Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram update.

K-Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram Story Update

Source: Sports Chosun
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