Dispatch Reveals Jung Joon Young’s Relationship With Seungri, New Chat Logs, and His Fake Apology To Korean Press

Dispatch just dropped a bomb.

Dispatch has revealed the extent of Jung Joon Young and Seungri‘s friendship, and also have revealed a new chat log, where Jung Joon Young and other members of the chat room would regularly rate other female celebrities on their sex.


In 2016, Zico revealed on Radio Star that Jung Joon Young had a “Golden Phone” that he would only use for KakaoTalk.

Zico Revealing Jung Joon Young’s Secret Phone Solely Used For KakaoTalk Resurfaces

Jung Joon Young was also involved in an incident where he was accused of filming his then girlfriend illegally. He did not submit his phone as evidence, as he claimed that the phone was broken. The two parties ended up settling the matter, and no charges were filed.


Starting in March 2019, a new “Golden Phone” appeared. This chatroom contained the 8 members who were previously revealed, including: Seungri, Jung Joon Young, a 2nd male singer “C”, Mr. Kim, Mr. Yoo, and 2 other individuals, identified as “H” and “G”.

Seungri and Other Male Singers Accused Of Sharing Illegal Hidden Camera Videos With Each Other

These 8 members were all very close with each other. Dispatch has reported that they would share anything and everything between themselves, from their personal lives to women. They turned women and celebrities into their favorite type of “food” (discussion topic). There were no secrets between the 8 of them.


Dispatch has also reported that the chats where Seungri allegedly talks about soliciting prostitution were held in this same chatroom. In 2015, a group of foreign soccer investors visited Korea, and Seungri was given the mission to “do well”.


Jung Joon Young reportedly made dozens of his own chatrooms. In these chatrooms, hidden camera videos were filmed and shared. Some of the chatrooms only had one other participant, while others had multiple. Among the victims filmed illegally were some women who were aspiring to be celebrities.


Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms were reportedly split into two sectors: “Seungri-Fam” and “Joon Young-Fam”. “Seungri-Fam” chatrooms were for business related planning, and many of the people were Seungri’s acquaintances. “Joon Young-Fam” chatrooms were where Seungri and those he may not be close with would gather, and become close. Singer “L”, who has been mentioned often, was part of the “Joon Young-Fam” chatrooms, but singer “C” was only part of “Seungri-Fam” chatrooms.


Mr. Kim was Jung Joon Young’s biggest “hidden camera mate”. Over a span of 10 months, the two reportedly filmed a total of 10 hidden cameras (videos and pictures). For the two of them, it was like a “home run”. In short, it was like a proof shot of a one-night stand.


There were also other attempted hidden camera videos, but those failed. This is where Jung Joon Young’s private conversation with Highlight’s Yong Junhyung comes in. Yong Junhyung was never a member of any of the chatrooms, but it is suspected by Dispatch that he did know about what Jung Joon Young was doing.

HIGHLIGHT’s Yong Junhyung Denies He Is Other Singer In Hidden Camera Chatroom


In the newest chat log reveal, members of one of Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms would openly discuss the women they slept with, and would leave “reviews” on them.

Mr. A: Mr. X had a one-night stand with Y (a girl group member).

Mr. B: Hey Mr. X, was Y a good restaurant? (was she good in bed?)

Mr. C: Yesterday I was with Z

Mr. D: Oh! Z is really a slut.

— Dispatch re-created KakaoTalk conversation (Left photo)

Jung Joon Young: What the name for your new title track?

Mr. A: Title song? _ _ _ _ _ (5 Characters in Korean)

Jung Joon Young: Ah, it’s a song for pussies then. [ㅂㅈ is short for 보지, which is an offensive slang word for vagina.]

— Dispatch re-created KakaoTalk conversation (Right photo)

In these chats, the men treated the women as if they were sex goods.


Finally, Dispatch talked with an anonymous person who met with Jung Joon Young right before his press conference in early 2017, where he addressed his initial hidden camera controversy with his then-girlfriend. He was making his return to television just 3 months after the controversy.

“When he (Jung Joon Young) was going to the press conference, he said ‘I’ll go up there and pretend that I’m sorry.’ He didn’t seem to understand the actual problem. Those videos are like a game to him. Taking hidden camera videos has become a habit.”

— Dispatch anonymous source


Jung Joon Young is scheduled to appear at police investigations on March 13.

Source: Dispatch

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