Zico Revealing Jung Joon Young’s Secret Phone Solely Used For KakaoTalk Resurfaces

Netizens are convinced it’s proof he took part in Seungri’s alleged KakaoTalk chatroom.

In light of Jung Joon Young being accused of sharing secret sex cams in Seungri‘s alleged KakaoTalk chatroom, an old footage from Radio Star resurfaced.


Back in 2016, Zico revealed that Jung Joon Young has a “golden phone” that is used solely for KakaoTalk.

“He has a “Golden Phone”. It’s not his regular phone. He only uses it for KakaoTalk. He has a lot of contacts on it.”

— Zico


Netizens were certain that the “golden phone” was the same phone he was accused with sharing secret footages to his friends.

At the time, Jung Joon Young appeared startled by the sudden reveal and claimed Zico would “come over with no specific reason and suddenly ask, ‘Hyung, where’s your golden phone?’” Zico apparently had seen the contents, and netizens are now connecting Zico into the scandal.


Additionally, Jung Joon Young told the Radio Star hosts that he came on the show to announce that he’s ready to date. Zico immediately asked, “Then what about all the women from [last year]…?


Netizens connected this quick conversation to recent reports of Jung Joon Young’s alleged conversation back in December 2015. In the conversation, he apparently told his friends that he got caught sending a secret video and regretted it because he could have “kept pretending to date [her]… to have (sex)“.


Jung Joon Young’s agency has yet to make an official announcement regarding his accusations as he is away on a trip in the States.

Source: Nate Pann

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