Dispatch Reveals Allegations Of “Uncanny Counter 2” And “The Glory” Star Kim Hieora’s School Violence And Bullying Past

She personally responded to the claims.

Dispatch has revealed actress Kim Hieora, most recently starring in Uncanny Counter 2 and The Glory, was a school bully and violent perpetrator in her past.

Kim Hieora in middle school.

In an exclusive report, Dispatch detailed Kim Hieora’s school violence and bullying past when she was a middle school student. The bullying started when she was attending Sangji Girls’ Middle School in the Wonju district of Gangwon Province. Student “X” raised their hand during class, asking to go to the bathroom. In reality, that was an excuse, and the student headed for an empty classroom instead. The classroom was empty as the students were out attending P.E. class, and the student stole items from that class.

Sangji Girls’ Middle School

The student who admitted to stealing others’ items was an 8th grader. But she explained why she committed the crimes.

I did it because an older sister [Kim Hieora] told me to. She wanted to pay for her mother’s hospital fees.

— Student “X”, 8th grade

Following this revelation from student “X,” Kim Hieora, a 9th-grade student at the time, was also called into the office for questioning. She denied any involvement.

This has nothing to do with me.

— Kim Hieora

However, Dispatch has unveiled that Kim Hieora was part of an infamous bullying gang at Sangji Girls’ Middle School called Big Sangji. Big Sangji was known for extorting other students, physical assault, and verbal abuse.

A post made on Big Sangji’s online forum at the school, showing the members. Kim Hieora is unblurred, 4th from the right.

Dispatch received a report in May 2023 about Kim Hieora’s school violence accusations. The informant stated they never thought they would hear cursing from a Big Sangji bully on television. Dispatch met with 10 former students from Sangji Girls’ High School between May and June. Dispatch was also able to get Kim Hieora’s personal statement regarding the situation. The following is Dispatch’s report on the entire situation.

A member of Big Sangji

Big Sangji is the school group of bullies at Sangji Girls’ High School. Their main method of bullying was extortion. They would use the money they get from others for their personal entertainment.

There was a group called Big Sangji at the school. They extorted money from others and gave it to the oldest members of the group. If you didn’t have money, they would curse at you and hit you. Kim Hieora was also part of Big Sangji

— Former student “B”

Kim Hieora was definitely a part of Big Sangji. She even left comments on their group message board. Dispatch was able to obtain screenshots of her messages.

  • December 1, 2003 – This punk lol, tried to mess with us but never came in the end lol -_- Come often you punk lol
  • March 7, 2004 – That’s what I said! lol [redacted] haha can’t go to church. . I love you lol, you’re pretty! If I’m lying, I’ll go to hell. This pretty unnie will go to karaoke with you! Will you bring the money? I’ll see you later. [Redacted] is actually quite pretty.
  • July 6, 2004 – [redacted] >.< have fun! Don’t just promote out there. [redacted]’s face is like a zombie
  • August 13, 2004 – Oh……. [redacted]….. why did you cry — seems like they hate people lol. Is this a joke lol. They’ll die if I see them.
  • August 17, 2004 – Oh lol. [redacted] would be good! Hey! You! Who! On 2-2 day (a day where couples celebrate their 22nd day together) uses an excuse of foreign money to not meet up? [redacted] is so angry he downed two bottles of alcohol!!

Kim Hieora personally acknowledged she was a part of Big Sangji, but countered a few points made by the informants.

Yes. I wasn’t a model student when I was in middle school. I did mess around. But Big Sangji wasn’t a group of bullies.

At the time, it was popular to have an online community with your friends. Big Sangji was the name of the online community. It was not a secret place for only bullies.

— Kim Hieora

Another former student “C” countered Kim Hieora’s statement, claiming that anyone could apply to join, but not everyone would actually be accepted into their group.

The online community was for the bullies only.

All of a sudden, they would ask us for money. With that money, they would go buy cigarettes, alcohol, and go to karaoke. They would buy presents for their boyfriends using that money. If you didn’t give it to them, they would continue to harass you…

— Former student “C”

Kim Hieora also responded to these claims.

It’s true I gathered with the Big Sangji friends. I also was hit by the older students at the school for no reason. But I did not hit the younger students or my friends.

The 9th graders would suddenly request 100,000 won from us. We had no time, so we collected 50,000 won from us 8th graders and 50,000 won from the 7th graders.

I do admit I was a spectator to these things, and I am sorry.

But I did not participate in verbal abuse or assault. Why did my name come out in this? Was I next to you at that time? Was I passing by you? I never took the lead on this…

Maybe I didn’t take it seriously because it was the younger students who were being bullied. Thinking back on that, it was a big mistake for me to be a bystander.

— Kim Hieora

Theft alongside another student

It was the first semester of 2004. Kim Hieora was in 9th grade and student “X” involved in the theft of personal items was in 8th grade. At that time, Kim Hieora’s father’s business failed, sending the family into bankruptcy. She worked hard to try to earn some pocket money, working at a Korean fast-food store.

Kim Hieora in middle school.

Kim Hieora told two students about this situation, “X” and “Y”. “X” and “Y” were famous within Sangji Girls’ Middle School, and this friendship played an important role in the theft. Dispatch was able to talk with “X” regarding the theft incident.

I asked Kim Hieora why she was working part-time. She said her family went bankrupt and was in financial trouble. I wanted to help her so…

I stole things on my own. I wanted to look good in front of her.

— Former Student “X”

“X” also wrote in their apology and reflection letter that they stole things in order to help Kim Hieora financially. The teacher didn’t believe her though, and punished both “X” and Kim Hieora. Her statement now directly conflicts with her statement when the incident occurred 20 years ago.

Kim Hieora was able to clearly remember the incident and explained what happened to Dispatch.

She was a friend who followed me a lot. I think she heard of my family’s situaiton and tried to help me out. I did not tell her to do it, but no one believed me.

— Kim Hieora

Both “X” and Kim Hieora were given community service as punishment. They were sent to separate places for two weeks to reflect.

I was shocked while doing the community service. How was I living that no one would believe me… I realized that I was living without instilling trust in others.

— Kim Hieora

Following this, Kim Hieora wanted to work to improve herself. She studied hard in the second semester of 9th grade, with the goal of studying humanities in high school. She ended up attending Bukwon Girls’ High School while “X” ended up moving to a different area, but the rumors and label of being a thief kept following “X” wherever she went.

I lived my life and worked hard to become a better person. But someone else lived in pain. It breaks my heart thinking of them.

— Kim Hieora

Each Person’s Memories Are Different

Kim Hieora with other students in middle school.

One informant regarding Kim Hieora claimed she made her get cigarettes. Another informant claimed Kim Hieora would take money from her to go to karaoke. But Kim Hieora’s claims are different.

I never directly participated in the bullying. Yes, there was corporal punishment back then. I was called to the teacher’s office and was hit. When I was asked who made you do it, I was scolded even more for asking how someone could ask their class senior about it.

I’ve also never smoked. Actually, I’ve tried to make my image look strong. But my body just doesn’t accept cigarettes. Besides, my boyfriend at the time hated girls who smoked.

I liked to sing at karaoke. I went to karaoke often. There were time when my friends paid for it. I don’t remember how we got the money. However, I have never taken money from others for the fees.

— Kim Hieora

Once Kim Hieora made her appearance in The Glory, several members from Big Sangji who were still in contact talked about Kim Hieora’s image on the show.

Student 1: Did she learn to curse by watching Ryu Seung Beom movies?

Student 2: What lol, she’s the same as when she was in middle school

Student 3: Does it make sense that Kim Hieora is an actress?

Student 4: Recently, school violence has become serious

Student 5: Kim Hieora found her life’s character lol

Student 6: That’s just acting like real-life

Student 7: Both her face and her way of speaking are the same.

Ending note

Dispatch’s coverage of Kim Hieora’s past ended in June 2023. Kim Hieora was worried that this would affect Uncanny Counter 2, as it was getting ready to be broadcast. That is why Dispatch waited until the final broadcast to share their report.

Source: Dispatch

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