Dispatch Spotlights Fan Project For BTS Jungkook’s Safety, And ARMYs Have Mixed Reactions

Dispatch’s airport livestream of BTS’s Jungkook earns attention from ARMYs.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently traveled to New York for his co-headlining performance at the 2023 Global Citizen Festival, which is held annually to “call on world and corporate leaders to make commitments to end extreme poverty.

BTS’s Jungkook | @etnow/Instagram

While Jungkook’s performance impressed viewers and ARMYs worldwide, ARMYs weren’t impressed with the unsafe conditions Jungkook was subjected to just days before.

The BTS maknae arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on September 21. After he landed, he was mobbed by waiting crowds, causing unsafe conditions for himself, accompanying staff members, and other passengers.

ARMYs expressed their concern and outrage for BTS’s Jungkook due to the behavior of the crowds, calling out the inappropriate behavior while referencing instances of Jungkook addressing similar situations in the past.

The BTS member recently returned to Korea after his New York schedules, and as usual, various media outlets set up their cameras at the airport hours before his arrival, with many livestreaming the event.

One of the media outlets present was Dispatch, and its livestream earned special attention from ARMYs.

| KOREA Dispatch

During Dispatch‘s livestream, the well-known Korean media outlet showed what appeared to be a fan project created with the hope of making Jungkook’s arrival at the airport a safer experience.

Taped on the floor by areas where media and fans stood were laminated papers that had statements written in English and Korean, urging those at the airport to give Jungkook space

Dear ARMY!

Please respect Jungkook’s privacy and give him space.
Don’t run towards him. Let’s show our love and kindness together.
Jungkook loves us.
Thank you for your understanding 🙂

— Letters at the airport

ARMYs quickly noticed the letters featured on Dispatch‘s livestream. While many shared their appreciation to the fellow ARMYs who started the fan project and Dispatch‘s efforts to spread the message, many others couldn’t help but react to the irony that Dispatch, who livestreams airport arrivals and follows artists outside their official schedules, was broadcasting the letters.

ARMYs pointed out that, rather than having to ask for safe conditions for the BTS members at the airport, those wanting to see him should stay home, or appear at official schedules.

Other fans criticized Dispatch and other media outlets that publicize idols’ flight schedules and broadcast airport livestreams, encouraging inappropriate behavior from crowds.

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