“This Is Not What Jungkook Meant” — ARMYs Enraged Over Video Of The BTS Member Getting Mobbed At Airport

They called out the violation of his personal space.

BTS’s Jungkook is currently in New York for the Global Citizen Festival. He will be co-headlining the event on September 23 at the Great Lawn of Central Park.

Jungkook in New York | @etnow/Twitter

While his performance is highly anticipated by ARMYs, his arrival at the New York airport has caused a big stir among them. He arrived at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on September 21, and as usual, a hoard of media and fans were waiting to capture a glimpse.

Though fans coming to the airport to greet idols has become very normalized in K-Pop, given how fast the crowd can turn dangerous, it has increasingly become a concern among fandoms. ARMYs have rallied behind the opinion for years that since these travel details are not shared with the public by the agency as an official schedule, it is not a fan’s place to turn up at the airport to greet a BTS member. They can get mobbed very easily, which poses a risk to everyone’s safety.

But this time, it was not just the crowd that ARMYs were concerned about. After Jungkook’s arrival in New York, a particular video started making its rounds on social media, where a group of people following him very closely started calling him “bro” and laughing at his reaction.

For context, during a Weverse livestream, while Jungkook was having a heart-to-heart conversation with ARMYs, he said he wished they would greet him like an old friend if they ever ran into him on the streets. While the comment touched fans’ hearts, they also couldn’t help but joke about how the scenario is nearly impossible given that Jungkook has to move around with security, who wouldn’t let any fan get that close to begin with.

The crowd at the airport greeted Jungkook in the way he had mentioned during the livestream, but many ARMYs criticized the video, saying that Jungkook wasn’t talking about such a scenario. They pointed out the other times the singer has asked fans not to show up at unofficial schedules and explicitly expressed his wish for privacy. Though he seemed to have maintained his cool while exiting the airport, many felt that getting mobbed at the airport after a long-haul flight was not the experience his fans should want him to have.

Did the crowd at the airport cross the line? What do you think?