Dispatch Reveals X1’s Side Of The Story On Claims That Some Members Wish To Disband

Dispatch reached out to X1.

CJ ENM (the parent company of Mnet) and X1 held a meeting to discuss the future of the group. Initial reports claimed that it was a secret meeting where some of the members revealed that they no longer wish to be a part of the group.


CJ ENM announced through their own statement that the future of the group wasn’t discussed but they mainly met with the members and their agencies to discuss their future promotions.

Dispatch was able to reach a staff that works with X1 and got their side of the story. The staff member once again confirmed the meeting took place but it was for the members to speak up about their opinions about the group.

X1 met with CJ ENM in a meeting back on the 15th. It was a time for the members to express their opinions.

— X1 Staff


Dispatch reports that there was a split opinion about whether the group should continue. They also confirmed the initial reports that not all of the members had the same opinion about the group’s future. They reported that some members refused to even speak as they were traumatized by the recent controversy regarding the manipulated votes.

The meeting ended without any set decisions made. The members are currently spending most of their time at their dorm as their promotions have come to a halt for the time being.


CJ ENM told Dispatch that they are reaching out to the agencies to continue on their discussion about the future of the group.

We are contacting the agencies. We will make a decision about X1’s promotions after carefully discussing it with them.


Source: Dispatch