Divorced Olympian Athlete Remarries A Chaebol 15 Years Younger Than Her

She announced her divorce in August.

Former fencing national team member Nam Hyun Hee announced her divorce in August, and recently, it was announced that she is getting remarried.

Nam Hyun Hee | @fencing2020/Instagram

Last August, Nam Hyun Hee wrote a personal post on her Instagram regarding her divorce from South Korean cyclist Gong Hyo Suk, whom she married in 2011.

Many people have been asking if I had gotten a divorce. I am writing to you after debating whether I should answer the question. I am divorced. Making the decision to divorce was extraordinarily difficult. I have a very precious child. I tried (to make the marriage work) for my child. I tried my best as a wife because we had promised to spend the rest of our lives together. I have never done anything embarrassing as a wife and as a mother.

— Nam Hyun Hee

She revealed that the two divorced due to Gong Hyo Suk’s inability to stay faithful and claimed that he “scarred the family due to his unfaithfulness.

Nam Hyun Hee also revealed that she had found a new partner and looked forward to spending the rest of her life with them. On October 23, it was revealed she will marry a businessman 15 years younger than her. He was an equestrian athlete until he got injured and retired.


Since then, he has been operating a performing arts psychology and etiquette education center for children in Korea. It has been reported that he has also worked as an executive in a well-known global IT company. He is also reportedly a third-generation chaebol, a term used to describe someone from a wealthy business family.

Nam Hyun Hee reportedly had her first encounter with her husband through business activities. He proposed a business-related project to her, and they connected after she accepted the proposal.


Nam Hyun Hee has been raising her 11-year-old daughter since her divorce in August. It was reported that she and her daughter lived in her husband’s house in the Jamsil area in Seoul.

Source: Herald Pop