Olympian Announces Her Divorce And New Relationship In Instagram Post

“Many people have been asking if I had gotten a divorce…”

Former Olympian fencer Nam Hyun Hee revealed she had filed for divorce and has found a new love.

Nam Hyun Hee (left) and former husband Gong Hyo Suk (right) | Geumgang Ilbo

On August 21, Nam Hyun Hee took to her Instagram, where she uploaded a letter to fans.

In her letter, the athlete addressed allegations surrounding her marriage. Nam Hyun Hee married cyclist Gong Hyo Suk in 2011.

Many people have been asking if I had gotten a divorce. I am writing to you after debating whether I should answer the question. I am divorced.

Making the decision to divorce was extraordinarily difficult. I have a very precious child. I tried (to make the marriage work) for my child. I tried my best as a wife because we had promised to spend the rest of our lives together. I have never done anything embarrassing as a wife and as a mother.

— Nam Hyun Hee

Nam Hyun Hee then revealed she had divorced Gong Hyo Suk due to his inability to stay faithful.

I have always tried to understand and forgive him. But as time went by, the issues that I had forgiven would resurface, and due to this, we separated. (My former husband) scarred the family due to his unfaithfulness.

— Nam Hyun Hee

The athlete then revealed that she had found new love and looked forward to spending the rest of her life with them.

There is a person who has given their sincere love to me and my daughter. He is someone who I will spend the rest of my life with. Thanks to him, I will remain the positive person that I am today.

— Nam Hyun Hee

Meanwhile, Nam Hyun Hee is an Olympic fencer who won the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She has since transitioned to a career in television as a personality and broadcaster.

Nam Hyun Hee | MBC
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