Renowned DJ, DJ Soda, Forced To Take Her Pants Off By American Airlines Staff In Front Of The Crew

She was “mortified and trembling in fear.”

DJ Soda, one of Korea’s most famous DJs, was forced into a harrowing situation with American Airlines staff, who forced her to take her pants off due to its design featuring vulgar language.

Through a thread on her personal Twitter account, she recounted the details of the event.

She stated that during her flight from JFK to LAX, she had been wearing a pair of sponsored pants that repeated “F**K YOU” throughout the length of the pants. While the language was vulgar, she was never approached about them being an issue while in North America, nor was she approached about them prior to her flight.

The pants in question are below.

| @dj_soda_/Twitter

DJ Soda stated that she was suddenly approached by a staff member and told she had to leave the plane as her pants were inappropriate. Due to a schedule, she had to take the flight she was on, so she tried to reason with the staff… but to no avail.

She continued, stating that she was forced to take her pants off in front of the entire crew, but they still refused to allow her to board and even made unnecessary comments. They eventually let her on board after an hour delay and she flipped her pants inside out – something she could have done on the plane without getting kicked off.

Due to the events, she was “mortified and trembling in fear” from the harassment from the airline staff and the inconvenience the whole situation caused to the others on board. She firmly stated that she will boycott American Airlines to prevent this from happening to others again.

Many fans were understanding that her pants may make others uncomfortable but asserted that American Airlines should have taken action in a variety of other ways.

American Airlines has yet to respond to DJ Soda and the incident.