DKZ Jaechan’s Fans Send Flower Wreaths To His Agency To Complain About Poor Management For Individual Activities

Fans are enraged.

DKZ‘s Jaechan has been climbing up in popularity ever since the success of his web drama, Semantic Error. One of the first BL web dramas to hit mainstream success in South Korea, he raked in many individual fans following the show.

As his career as a budding actor rises, Jaechan not only gained more casting offers, but was also invited to a few important events as an actor. Fans grew upset as his agency had consistently turned down such events in favor of group schedules. In particular, fans were upset that he was unable to attend the Busan International Fantastic Film Festival as it was a significant event for actors.

Jaechan was unable to attend BIFAN due to a performance in Brazil with his group, DKZ. Not only that, his schedule with the group for a variety show, My Playlist, clashed with the Blue Dragon Series Awards, angering fans further.

Fans have sent flower wreaths to the agency in protest. The flower wreaths all ask the agency for an explanation and feedback regarding Jaechan’s individual schedules.

An agency without any rights to open one should just shut down. Dongyo Entertainment who can’t even differentiate important work.

— Jaechan fans

Dongyo Entertainement who can’t even differentiate important work. You’re so embarrassing, please shut down.

— Jaechan fans


When you’re splitting the pay 1/n anyway, stop blocking Jaechan’s individual schedules.

— Jaechan fans


If you keep running your business in this way, I can’t continue to be with you.

— Jaechan fans


I sent this because I didn’t know if you guys were dead or not, since there’s really no feedback.

— Jaechan fans

For someone who only sold 41 albums, I hope Dongyo closes down soon.

— Jaechan fans

Dongyo Entertainment has remained mum about the issue fans have taken up with Jaechan’s personal schedules. This only served to anger fans even more.

Source: theqoo