DKZ’s Kyoungyoon Posts A Heartfelt Apology Despite Being A Victim To The JMS Cult

He is deeply apologetic.

DKZ‘s Kyoungyoon has received attention lately for his family’s involvement in the JMS cult. It was revealed that his parents had been churchgoers in the cult, and he had been born into it. Kyoungyoon’s childhood was associated with Wolmyungdang, the cult’s headquarters, and he admitted to admiring Jung Myung Seok growing up due to brainwashing.

On March 14, 2023, Kyoungyoon extended an apology via the group’s official fancafe.

Kyoungyoon’s apology. | @dkzshyung/Twitter

Hello. This is Kyoungyoon.

Firstly, I sincerely apologize to the fans must’ve been the most shocked and disappointed thanks to me. I should be only delivering good news all the time to those who have watched over me, loving and cheering me on, but I think that I have caused them to have a hard time instead, due to my faults.

Although I think that it’s already too late, I’ve come here now, truly sorry. I did not have the courage to come and look for you guys first. I was very afraid… Because you guys are the ones who have cared for me and cheered me on, I ended up hesitating even more.

I am too embarrassed to face the fans who visited the cafe because of me, and I was also afraid that the misunderstanding would grow if I spoke too rashly. I didn’t know how to begin, and after worrying endlessly about how to convey how sorry I am, I thought that I couldn’t delay this any longer and so I am here like this.

I have disappointed many people due to how unskillfully I handled things. The things I said in the past without much consideration, ended up creating larger misunderstandings. I blame myself and am reflecting on it, so much so that I wish to turn back all that time. I’m so sorry for not being enough, and for my many faults.

Lastly, I’m sincerely sorry again for disappointing you…

— Kyoungyoon

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