A DM Exchanged Between Former AOA’s Kwon Mina And Her Fan 3 Days Prior To Her Suicide Attempt Was Revealed

She reassured fans she was doing well.

Previously, it was reported that former AOA member, Kwon Mina, had tried once again to take her own life. It was revealed that just 3 days before the incident, a fan had exchanged DMs with her, where she even reassured the fan that she was doing well.

The fan sent her a performance by Lee Juck on Infinite Challenge, in hopes to encourage her.

Mina, this is a song and post that I refer to whenever I’m worried about something sometimes, in order to be comforted. I’m sending it to you in hopes that it will help you gain courage and strength, even just a little. I sent it through KakaoTalk open chatting, but as it seems you have not opened it, I’m sending it on DMs again.

— Fan

| Star Today

Perhaps it was due to Mina’s inactivity that the fan got more worried, and pressed Mina for a reply. The fan claimed to be the one who requested for a police investigation the year before. Mina had previously rejected a request for investigation into the alleged bullying.

Mina, I’m the fan who requested for a police investigation last year. Please check your DMs.

— Fan

She ended up checking the DM and reassuring the fan.

Yes, I’m just at an all-stop currently and have entrusted everything to an oppa at the agency. I will be taking a break up to mid-August to cool down and want to get by not thinking about anything for now. I’m doing well, so please don’t worry.

— Mina

Despite Mina’s reassurances, she ended up attempting to take her own life 3 days later on June 29, 2021. The reason has yet to be specified, although it was noted that she was not in immediate danger due to having been treated at the emergency unit.

Source: Star Today