DNA test confirms identity of the latest body found from Sewol accident

After analysis from a DNA test, it has been confirmed that the 295th body found from the Sewol ferry accident is a female student from Danwon High School.

The body of Hwang Ji Hyun was found in the female bathroom on the fourth floor on October 28th, 195 days after the Sewol accident and 102 days after the last body was found. It has been more than 200 days since the accident happened on April 14th, 2014, with approximately 295 casualties, 172 rescues and 9 missing out of the total 476 passengers who were on board the Sewol ferry.

The body was brought back to the girl’s hometown in Ansan on October 29th, which coincidentally marks the girl’s 18th birthday. The parents of Hwang Ji Hyun blew candles off a birthday cake to commemorate their child’s birthday at the gymnasium near the rescue search area. Family and friends came to the birthday party, but it was not exactly a celebration as cries could be heard while singing Ji Hyun a birthday song. It has also been reported that the couple had waited seven long years to bear a child, but now have to say farewell to their only child Ji Hyun, making the headlines of Korean newspaper Hankyoreh with “The Saddest Birthday Party on Earth”.

Parents blow candles off birthday cake for deceased daughter
Photo: AP via South China Morning Post
News report of Sewol ferry accident
Photo: seoulen

Koreaboo sends our thoughts and prayers to the victims and families of the Sewol accident.

Source: seoulen and South China Morning Post