“Doctor Cha” Actor Responds To The Positive Comments Praising Him Even Though He Played A Villainous Character

His face expressions were meme-worthy.

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JTBC‘s K-Drama Doctor Cha recently ended on June 4. In a recent interview, one of the actors revealed how he was able to play the villain role so well.


Doctor Cha is a K-Drama about a housewife named Cha Jeong Suk (played by Uhm Jung Hwa) who returns to her medical career while juggling her first-year residency, health, family, and cheating husband.


Her cheating husband, Seo In Ho, is played by actor Kim Byung Chul—you may recognize him as the strict father in the popular 2018 K-Drama Sky Castle. In Doctor Cha, Seo In Ho has an affair with his college girlfriend and even has an extramarital child. Despite being a villain to the angelic and kind-hearted Cha Jeong Suk, Seo In Ho was praised for being “lovable” and “cute” because of the way Kim Byung Chul acted to portray his character.


In an interview with Wikitree, Kim Byung Chul addressed the positive comments praising his villainous and cheating character. Sharing that he had heard these comments before, Kim Byung Chul stated that he had to be careful while filming so he doesn’t lessen the seriousness of cheating and affairs.

I did hear those responses. There were positive and negative aspects when filming; I thought that it might have an effect of purifying extramarital affairs and adultery. I didn’t want it to go that way.

— Kim Byung Chul


Kim Byung Chul also claimed that there is a positive side to any person, and he used this knowledge to create more dimension in his character, Seo In Ho.

While acting, I thought that no matter how evil a person is, we can’t say that there is absolutely no positive side to that person. In fact, there was even a phenomenon where fan clubs were created for heinous criminals because they were pretty or handsome.

— Kim Byung Chul

Kim Byung Chul claimed that showing different sides of Seo In Ho resulted in people seeing the character as lovable despite his actions. In addition, he gave advice to Seo In Ho, sharing the importance of being decisive.

If you live such an indecisive life, you will be ruined. Taking lessons from this incident, I hope you take responsibility for what has already happened and work hard despite it.

— Kim Byung Chul

Meanwhile, the last episode of Doctor Cha reveals Cha Jeong Suk’s decision on how to move forward with her job and her family and shows what happens to Seo In Ho in the end.

Source: Wikitree
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