Netizens Shocked At Side-By-Side Comparison Of “Heirs” And “Doctor Slump”

These actors haven’t age a day!

JTBC‘s new K-Drama Doctor Slump, starring ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye, premiered over the weekend.

Once rivals in school, two brilliant doctors reunite by chance — each facing life’s worst slump and unexpectedly finding solace in each other.

— Netflix

“Doctor Slump” poster

Some viewers might not know that this isn’t Hyung Sik and Shin Hye’s first project together. They previously starred in the tremendously popular teen K-Drama Heirs (also known as The Inheritors).

A young couple, belonging to families with contrasting backgrounds, must navigate through various societal restrictions and fight against the norms held up by the chaebol families.

— Wikipedia

“Heirs” poster

Classic K-Drama fans have been excited for the two actors to reunite over a decade later. While Hyung Sik wasn’t the male lead in Heirs, he is this time around in Doctor Slump.

Naturally, fans can’t help but compare the two K-Dramas. These actors always had great chemistry.

Their fun bickering started over ten years ago! This time, we’ll see them fall in love, too.

Netflix shared a side-by-side comparison of Hyung Sik and Shin Hye’s iconic clips from the two K-Dramas. Both contain high-school-based scenes, so it’s easy to see similarities.

The actors proved that they still look good in a school uniform! Netizens were shocked to see just how little had changed. Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye look like they haven’t aged a day, although it’s been a decade. Are we sure they aren’t vampires, or is it just Korean skincare?

Another fan pointed out that Doctor Slump‘s male lead and second male lead have a history, too. Yoon Park and Park Hyung Sik previously appeared together in 2014–2015 K-Drama What Happens to My Family?, so it’s been nearly a decade in the making for their reunion too!

Doctor Slump is available for international streaming via Netflix.

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