Former U-Kiss Member Dongho’s Wife Lashes Back At Comments Pitying Her Son

“What do you know to be talking about my son like that?”

It has recently been announced that former U-Kiss member Dongho is filing for a divorce with his wife whom he has a son with.

Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Announces Divorce With Wife Of 3 Years


Since the news broke out, netizens have apparently been expressing their sympathy for the son who is involved in the divorce and have been pitying the child.

  • “Of course the child is pitiable if his parents are divorced.”
  • “If the parents are divorced, the child is pitiable. He was simply born between the two of you but now he has to live in a family that is missing one of you. It’s sad.”
  • “I feel so bad for their son.”


After seeing these comments, Dongho’s wife lashed back through a post on her Instagram Story, shaming commenters for pitying her son.

“Why are people feeling bad for my son? I’m going to make him the happiest kid alive. What do you know to be talking about my son like that? I’ll accept anything else but all of you who are talking bad about my son, I hope you hear the same thing in return.”


She also shared a post apologizing to her son for allowing him to become a topic of gossip and confessed her determination and love for him.

“Your existence in itself is a blessing and no matter how hard it was, I swear that never once did I regret or feel embarrassed about you. My precious Asher, I’m sorry I let people who don’t even know you talk about you like this and I’m sorry for letting my precious baby become a topic of talk for those people. Whatever happens, I’ll make you the happiest kid alive. If anyone does anything to my son, I won’t hold back. I love you, my everything.”


Despite the comments which expressed pity for the child, many other netizens encouraged Asher’s mother to ignore any hate comments and to continue raising her child with all the love that she has.

  • “People can be so nosy. Don’t ever listen to those useless people and please continue to raise Asher beautifully! He is so cute. I hope he lives a wonderfully happy life with his mother.”
  • “You are the BEST! Sometimes it’s hard to see but everything is for a good reason. I believe in you and whatever happens, I’m always beside you!”
  • “You’re being the best you can be! Don’t let outside voices tear you down. You’re an amazing mother.”
  • “You’re a very good mom. Never doubt that for a second.”
Source: Nate